Anyone Starting Grand Canyon soon?

  1. Ive been accepted to the St. Joe's fast track program to start in May. Is anyone else starting soon, or better yet been in it for a while? Most of the posts I've found on student experiences are kind of older. I'm excited but really at a loss to know what to expect. Any insight would be great! :-)
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  3. by   ASHR
    Hi I was also accepted to St Joes fast track. I think you might find more info under AZ nursing programs there are a few threads about the program there.
  4. by   Cr8zyamy
    Not sure what the St Joe's fast track is but I am 6wks and 4 days from finishing the RN-BSN online program. If you don't have statistics yet, get a tutor, they are worth the money. PERRLA is an add-in program for Word that will make writing your papers in APA format so much easier. If you have a MAC you need to make sure you can operate Microsoft Office on it, you will have lots of papers and Powerpoint presentations. Most of the instructors are okay some are great (Lisa Zamudio) and some need to get a whole lot better.
    Good luck to you.
  5. by   mandee11
    Hi There,

    I am starting the St. Joe's program May 7th as well. I was unable to attend the orientation because my son was having surgery, but I am also very excited about the program. Have you ordered scrubs and such?
  6. by   sharonLeighc
    Hi Mandee, you didn't miss much at the orientation. Just get the schedule & packet & your photo taken. I'm very excited. I ordered the Gray's Anatomy scrubs. They are SO soft compared to the others :-)And I just got my ugly all white nursing shoes. LoLSee you on the 7th :-D
  7. by   mandee11
    Oh thanks for calming my nerves some, I was afraid I had missed a TON! I received a packet with St. Joe's information and I need to get my picture taken still. Did you get your name badge orientation day? I cruised around St. Joe's today trying to find the parking lots etc. Seems like it should be fairly easy to get around. Do you have a book list yet? Where did you buy your scrubs? Can we purchase purple scrubs from anywhere and have the GCU logo sewn on? I have to agree, all while nursing shoes are not very attractive! lol but oh well!! I'm so excited! Nervous, but excited!!!
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  8. by   Studentnurse365
    Hi, congrats on being accepted! I am a student at pima community college in Tucson and just finished all of my pre-reqs for NAU Tucson campus, then found out the majority of the program was online. I am now looking into Grand Canyon's program. I have been all over GCU's website and am having such a difficult time trying to find the requirments for admissions. Is there an entrance exam, volunteering required, previous health care experience, min. GPA that is excepted, how many students do they accept?? I can't find a thing! I asked the online chat for some information and was given an 800 number and then was redirected to an advisor... was told I would be called back at 5pm and didn't hear back. If anyone has any information on how I can apply or know someone I can ask I appricieate all the help! Thanks and congrats again on being accepted!
  9. by   sharonLeighc
    I know, the nursing people are good but the rest of GCU is a nightmare. They don't return calls, loose paperwork, send you things that make no sense.... It is a very frustrating process. Pretty much everyone who works there is also a student so there is also a huge turnover. Call the nursing program directly and see what they say. The nursing program is intense. They are good but like I said, you have to be ready to deal with the rest of GCU.Best of luck to you .
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  10. by   sharonLeighc
    Kelsey- I use my phone on this forum & haven't figured out how to do a private message. But if you send me one I should be able to send you one back w/ some contact numbers for GCU. When you deal with the nursing department directly they are very responsive & helpful.... And not student labor... Lol :-)