Anyone attending Georgetown's Online NP program?

  1. I'm nearing the end of my application process; one more letter of recommendation, and my file will be complete. I've been accepted to two other programs, but I really want to attend Georgetown's online NP program.

    While I'm hoping for academic rigor, I'm a bit nervous that I'll be jumping into an extremely demanding program where I'll constantly overwhelmed.

    How does the rigor of this program compare to undergrad nursing school? To other grad programs? How many hours do typical students spend studying each week? Any idea what the attrition rate is for the online program? (Georgetown doesn't have those numbers as the program is too new; but students will know if 15 people started in their cohort and six months later there are only 9 remaining!)
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  3. by   NerdyNikki
    Patti_RN,I did attend Georgetown NP program. I eventually withdraw and left because I felt the support system was flawed. At the present time I was taking patho and pharm together, which were two extremely hard classes to have together. you had to take these classes together. It's definitely not a program situated around the working adult either. No matter how many hours I put in, I could see the end results of it. With that being said, again it's an fairly new program and they are doing their best to make revisions. I hope this helps some ; )
  4. by   Patti_RN
    The curriculm has changed. Full-time students take Patho, Assessment, and Research Methods/ Biostats the first semester; part-time students take Patho and Research/ Biostats the first semester.

    I was admitted to the program and I don't intend to work whether I'm enrolled full-time or part-time. Even without working, the full-time program is rigorous. I was relieved to see the curriculm change; full-time students used to take Assessment, Patho, AND Pharm the first semester. That would be next to impossible.
  5. by   DeadHead219
    Patti_RN, when will you be starting? Will you be in the March class? I recently applied and am waiting to hear on them. How long did it take to hear back from them with a decision?? I'm wondering what will happen since I didn't take the GRE's or shadow a FNP. I'm keeping my fingers crossed b/c I'd really love to get into this program!


    Nerdy Nikki ... what was your class cohorts like grade wise? Did everyone have over 3.7? I read somewhere that all excepted students basically have over a 3.7 and if you had anything less than a 3.5 don't bother applying.

    Patti_RN - did you find this to be true?
  6. by   aelnamara
    DeadHead219: I applied for the March cohort as well and I'm wondering how long it will be before we hear anything back! If anyone can give me an idea of how long to wait, I'm getting married in March too and I'm getting so anxious about waiting around :S
  7. by   ans0014
    I applied for the march cohort for the midwifery/women's health program and just got accepted i'm super excited!! it took 9 days to get my acceptance letter which i thought was very fast, although agonizing!!
  8. by   DeadHead219
    Congrats ans0014, that's great news!!
  9. by   aelnamara
    Congrats ans0014, thanks for the heads up! Hope I hear back soon too
  10. by   Patti_RN
    Deadhead, did you get in? I hope you're part of my cohort.

    My GPA was a 3.78 and I have some very unique aspects of my resume that seemed to set me apart. I'm not sure if the >3.5 rule is true, but I know it's extremely competitive. My admission counselor told me that most people who have below a 3.2 don't bother applying. He also said that he's seen applicants with a 4.0 rejected (not a surprise as they look at every aspect of the application; you need strong references, a solid resume, great communication skills, etc.) I feel very, very fortunate (and lucky) to have been accepted.

    Good luck. Let me know!
  11. by   DeadHead219
    Congrats that's awesome news!!
    Believe it or not, I just completed everything yesterday. About how long did it take from completed app to acceptance? Again, congrats! That's so exciting!!
  12. by   madalena2
    Hey Patti_RN, it took about 2 wks for me to get a response, but I'm not starting until August, I would think if your starting the program sooner it is a faster turner over time...good luck
  13. by   bvwatts04

    Did you hear if you have been accepted yet? I am applying for the June start date and I am just about finished with my application. I am really stressing over my summary statement. Did you format the statement in a letter format or paper format? I have seen on here that some people do it both ways. I really want in this program and I am trying to stand out above the rest!
  14. by   bvwatts04

    Was that two weeks from the time all of your stuff was in? I know that my advisor said that once all of our requirements are in (resume, statement and video) that our part was complete and they werent too concerned about letters of recommendations coming in after the deadline. Was this the case for you?