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I'm nearing the end of my application process; one more letter of recommendation, and my file will be complete. I've been accepted to two other programs, but I really want to attend Georgetown's online NP program. While I'm... Read More

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    Well good for you. It sounds like you have a good plan. Will you make more money as a CRNFA? Will your job responsibilities change?
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    Ok, so I goofed on the name. I meant Saint Joseph's College in Maine. Here is the link. It may work out great for you. Online nurse practitioner program | Saint Joseph's College of Maine

    Still no word from Georgetown for me. I think I am going to start my application for Frontier in the next few days.
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    has anyone completed the Georgetown university online Adult NP program recently. How rigorous and flexible is it and would that school be recommended to others.
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    Has anyone completed the ACNP program online at Georgetown? how were your clinicals set up? Admission counselor said they will find it but i would really like to hear from someone who is attending or was attending this school. It sounds too good to be true.