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  1. Hi everyone.

    I wil be starting the nursing program in the fall and I have been and am still very interested in being an oncology nurse. Are there special certifications that you need after you graduate to be an Oncology Nurse? Do you have to have a BSN vs, a RN? Thanks for the info....

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  3. by   KelRN215
    You do not have to have a BSN but, depending on the area, employers may prefer to hire BSN prepared RNs (regardless of whether or not the specialty you're applying for is oncology). There are lots of different areas of oncology you can work in... inpatient heme/onc, stem cell, surgical oncology, in my case neuro-oncology (combined with neurology and neurosurgery) and outpatient clinics or radiation centers.

    You would need to become chemo certified but that's something that you could do while training. Some facilities "require" or prefer OCN or CPON.
  4. by   antidentit
    Thanks for the advice KelRN215. Much like TdavisRN2014, I am starting my RN license in June and wanting to get into Onc. Do you need experience in other departments as a new RN before getting into Onc or can a newly licensed RN work in Onc?
  5. by   mzjennx
    Hello and congrats to getting into nursing school. If your interested in oncology nursing you should sign up for ONS.org. Students get a discounted membership for the organization. I swear this website has a wealth of knowledge for oncology nursing including CE oppertunity, oncology nursing journals, and conferences to meet other oncology nurses. check it out!!!