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Hi everyone! I'm an RN with about 2.5 years experience. I just got hired on at a very respectful hospital on the peds heme/onc unit. I have been applying for 2 years so I'm very excited! I was... Read More

  1. by   JFatsRN
    When I was hired about 2 yrs ago, they hired 11 new grads to the heme/onc/bmt floor. Extensive training, classes, and long precepting was done. When on our own, the senior staff still offered help, and continue to at this time.
  2. by   bastidias
    I wasn't a new grad, but still new to the hospital when I started on my onc unit last year. I think 5 other people started that were new to the area, as well. Our management did a really great job by titrating everyone onto their own slowly. So, even though people had completed their orientation milestones, there were two week gaps before new people were off.

    It won't be without challenges, but its also a tremendous opportunity to build a really strong team.
    Good luck in your new job! I didn't intend on going into oncology when I was in school, but I'm happy to be there now.
  3. by   griffin320
    As a seasoned RN on an L&D unit that has recently hired 8 new grads...quite frankly, it is terrifying. The majority of the new ones on our unit have the confidence level of a 25 year veteran RN and they act without asking questions. We are now loosing experienced RNs due to the increased demands and stress related to staffing. I'm sure many of them will make great nurses but I am a firm believer that a unit as specialized as L&D should not be overstaffed with new grads.
  4. by   raeraekan
    My manager loves to hire new grad because she wants to mold them into the way she wants...