Tips for First Shift in Oncology

  1. I am going through training as a tech, and have my first 12-hour shift on Wednesday. I am scheduled to work in BMT/ONC, and am hoping that some of the very experienced nurses here on the board could give me a few tips.

    For example...

    I am assuming that due to the severe nausea experienced my many of the patients on this floor, it would be a good idea to make sure I smell as neutral as possible for this particular shift. I don't ever wear perfume to work, and the products that I use are as natural as possible (Dr. Bronner's soap, coconut/jojoba oils for skin, etc.), but it seems like it would be prudent to pay extra attention to my scent profile, if you will, while I'm on this assignment.

    Are there other things like this that I should be aware of? Or any other advice in general?

    For me, this will just be my first work assignment during training, and I get to go home healthy at the end of the day...but for the patients in BMT/ONC, my 12-hour shift might feel like an eternity if I'm doing or not doing things that are causing them to suffer unnecessarily. While I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be, since it will be my first day, I'd like to make sure I do as well as I possibly can.

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