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on people who are not in remission from their cancer? I know someone who has MCL, and he was told that his chemo was not effective and did not put him in remission. His doctor is still talking about an allogenic SCT, but... Read More

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    So bear with me here, since this is obviously not my field of expertise, but if this person was told that he has a very aggressive NHL, then while the tumor in his thyroid is being radiated for weeks or months, couldn't the cancer be aggressively spreading to other parts of his body, since he also has many other tumors in his lower neck? Even if the radiation covers the entire neck region, couldn't the cancer still be spreading, since radiation may shrink the tumors but not kill the cancer cells?

    Again, I am no oncology nurse, but this whole thing seems to be wasting a lot of time that he doesn't necessarily have. That was my main concern, but I also know that the oncologists know a whole lot more than I do.

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