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Peds Oncology as new grad?

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    Well, some of you may have read my post about my dad having lymphoma. I'm actually writing though to ask about your thoughts on new grads going directly into pediatric oncology.

    I interviewed and was offered 4 positions in different hospitals ranging from cardiac care unit to labor & delivery. Strangely, the only position that intrigued me was surprisingly peds oncology at Sloan Kettering. The new facility is beautiful and the nurse manager was great and seemed really supportive. They provide a 3 month training program with a preceptor then 1 month alone on days before switching you over to nights.

    My only hesitation to be honest is Fear. I know I love kids and would enjoy interacting with them, but I'm afraid that as a clueless new grad (that really isn't even certain of hanging IV's) that it would be too much to handle. What do you all think????

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    Hi SpecFuz (interesting name!),

    congratulations on your many job offers, it's great that you have different options. I would think that while watching little ones suffer with cancer can be tough, it can probably be very awe-inspiring as well. I'm always amazed at how even the sickest children have an inner-strength that is amazing.

    I would actually go with what your belly is telling you. If you have had such a good reaction to your interview and speaking with the nurse manager, I would definitely say go with that.

    Good luck and let us know. I am considering applying next summer after I finish a year of nursing school to do the internship through Sloan Kettering. I've heard many fine things about MSK.