Oncology nurse extern...Any tips?

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    I am a soon to be oncology nurse extern and am not really sure what I am getting myself into. The unit I will be on also has a BMT ICU so I will be in both places. Any tips or suggestions to make my transition from med-surg clinicals a little easier? I am a just finishing block II of IV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry I am to be of no help to you, but I see that you are about to be an oncology nurse so I was wondering how did u get to be that? extra classes? sorry, I know you had the question, but just wondering...
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    NTB, I am not actually a nurse yet. I am about half way thru my program and so I will be an extern. I am not exactly sure if this is really what I want to do yet which is one of the reasons I posed the question. I do however feel strongly attracted to helping those with life altering illness' and possibly facing death. I am sure I will eventually end up in hospice but would like to get experience in the hospital setting first.
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    i've just finished my med/surge rotation and i'm interviewing tomorrow for a nurse externship on a medical/hematology/oncology floor. i'm in the same boat as you were a couple of years ago and i'm wondering how everything went for you. can you recommend any preparation that i should do before i start my externship- assuming that i get the job!


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