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Oncology job interview

  1. 0 So I am new graduate (December) and I have a job interview next Tuesday on an oncology floor. I am very excited about this possible opportunity as oncology has always interested me and was one of my top choices for nursing I want to do. My question is what kind of questions might I expect on an oncology nursing job interview?
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    Congrats on getting the interview! This article has really helped me prepare for interviews in any specialty:

    Be sure to check out Part II and III too! Hope it helps!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes
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    Congrats! Please let us know how it goes. I also want to be an oncology nurse. I'm still waiting for my letter of acceptance into nursing school but I will never give up!
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    Hello Meg86an

    I too have an interview next week on oncology floor I am nervous and yet excited...