Oncology Interview - Any advice?

  1. Hi all,
    I have a interview for a night shift, staff nurse position on a oncology floor. I've been a RN for many years but
    I've never worked oncology - though have taken care many patients with CA over the years.
    I just wondered what questions I should ask during the interview which is this coming Thursday.

    The reason I am applying for this position is....
    Over the last few months I've had a growing interest in oncology, palliative care and hospice partly because of
    my idea for my final project for my MSN/FNP - which has to do with looking at ways of reducing stress in oncology patients, their families and the staff.
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  3. by   mykidzmom
    1. what are the nurses and doctors view on end of life care? (nurses separate from docs)
    2. how is the subject approached with the family. (during a code? an arranged mtg? the nurse because the dc is too chicken?)
    3. if a patient is non palliative care on monday but the decision to make her that on tuesday, how will her care be different. some agencies will give blood transfusions for comfort, some do not view transfusions as appropriate for end of life.
    4. is there a class i can take or book you could recommend that i could read up on some of the nuances of this specialty?

    good luck
  4. by   jlcole45