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During the second week of January 2014, there was a small Internet storm regarding blog posts written by Emma and Bill Keller for The Guardian and The New York Times, respectively. The Kellers wrote about Lisa Bonchek Adams, a... Read More

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    I'm perplexed by the constant over sharing on social media, the selfies, the constant status updates ,tweeting, whatever else is the thing right now. I can't believe that other people actually READ most of this crap. I am not the kind of person who would share the kind of details the writer of the blog is comfortable sharing and as someone else said I can read it or leave it. I have a problem with what I see as the romanticism of certain types of cancer, breast cancer in particular and I know others do feel the same way. We are certainly a minority but maybe that factor may contribute to the strong feelings some people have in this situation.I don't mean to upset anyone-let me say that I lost both of my parents to cancer....

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    thank you for you post, No one is forcing anyone to read anything and some find peace I sharing a journey.
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    I'd just finished up tonight's post over on my own website when I came across this piece.

    While I'm nowhere as well-known as Lisa Adams, as the writer of a mental-health blog I feel a kinship with her and with all who share their struggles in a public arena. It's OK if people choose to read or not read our stories; the thing is, telling those stories makes US feel better, and they're out there to help others as well. There are few things as gratifying as seeing a reply from a reader that says something along the lines of "Thank God, somebody out there gets it! I'm NOT alone!!"

    My thoughts are with you, OP. At the present time, my husband is battling a stage IV neuroendocrine tumor with liver mets, and I'm grateful for every single day I have with him. I hope you have people who treasure you and are glad you're still here.
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    Retired APRN, your blog is eloquent and insightful. I have at times read blogs by people dealing with serious illness, and I learned from them. I don't work in health care and I had a blessedly healthy family, so there's a lot I don't know. I am grateful for those who choose to share their experiences and insights.

    Regarding the Kellers, I cannot fathom what would motivate them to attack Lisa Bonchek Adams. And yes, I do view both of their pieces as an attack. Interestingly, Emma Keller blogged about her own double mastectomy and reconstruction after a diagnosis of DCIS in 2012. Her post focusing on Ms. Adams has been removed by the Guardian, by the way.

    Bill Keller raises the issue of appropriate end-of-life care -- and he does so in a particularly heartless and clumsy way. As former executive editor of the New York Times, he surely has the skills and resources to do a proper op-ed on that topic if he wants to. His comments about Ms. Adams are a cheap shot at best, and, according to several articles I read, inaccurate as well.

    A quick Google search convinced me that there is overwhelming support for bloggers like Ms. Adams, and very little support for the Kellers in this instance. I find that reassuring.
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