Looking for some advice!! RN working onc for the 1st time Looking for some advice!! RN working onc for the 1st time | allnurses

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Looking for some advice!! RN working onc for the 1st time

  1. 0 I'm a RN with 2 years of experience in med-surg. I'm going to start working oncology pretty soon and I'm truly excited. I would like to know what are good references I can use to know more about cancer pathophysiology, chemotherapy, oncology emergencies, etc...any textbooks, websites you recommend?
    Thank you!
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    Join ONS. They provide an amazing journal and great opportunities for leaning.
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    I agree. ONS is a great resource. I also like chemoregimen.com for standard dosing and regimens for various cancers.
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    I have been working Oncology for the past year, and started as a new grad. I absolutely love it and the patient's are truly amazing people, so hopefully you're experience is just as good! I would agree that ONS is a great place to start. They offer chemo certification classes as well as OCN certification. Good luck
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    Are you working inpatient? If so work with your preceptor/education dept to find a chemo certification course, that's a good start. Use the patients you take care of as case studies, look up there diseases, and drugs, and learn as you go. There is a huge psychosocial component to oncology nursing as well, a skill which is important. And as all the other said, join ONS!! Use the website, take the web-based classes, they also have publications. Best of luck!!!