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  1. 0 After methotrexate chemo is given, Leucovorin is ordered as a rescue drug. At the hospital I work at, the continous IVF given is a Sodium Bicarb in D5W. Our Pharmacy mixes the the IVF and Leucovorin. Leucovorin is often given in a syringe and sometimes in a 100NS bag. There is no consistency, but I know we are suppose to have it administered for about 5-15 minutes in NS. I just looked up Leucovorin in my drug book and Leucovorin is not compatible with Sodium Bicarb which I know, but as far as giving it in the syringe or IVPB in 100NS how do you guys normally do it? I feel safer giving it in the IVBP cuz sometimes I dont have the time to stand there for 5 minutes to give the push.

    From Davis Drug Guide: [HTML]http://www.drugguide.com/ddo/ub/view/Davis-Drug-Guide/51439/11/leucovorin_calcium[/HTML]

    * Concentration:
    reconstitute 50-mg, 100-mg, and 200-mg vials to a concentration of 10 mg/mL; reconstitute 350-mg vial to a concentration of 20 mg/mL
    * Rate:
    Administer by slow injection over a minimum of 3 min; not to exceed 160 mg/min
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    I have only seen it come in a IVPB at our hospital. I can't remember but I think it comes 50mL and goes in over 15 minutes? Scheduled Q6 usually. We do Q6 urine PH also during that time. I would be wigged out pushing it....
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    I have always given it as an IVPB or as PO. Thankfully, my pts generally have a double lumen Hickman or PICC.
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    Sorry late response. So I have been getting in from pharmacy as a push. But I usually don't feel comfortable so I will put it in 50 ml NS and run it for 15 mins. I guess in just figuring out what is best practice.