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  1. Hello all,

    I am a new grad nurse who will be working on an Oncology floor in the fall (if I pass my NCLEX that is!). I am looking for a book with chemotherapy protocols. I will be trained for chemo by the hospital, but I thought I book would be helpful, especially since I'll have to take the ONC test next year. Unfortunately all I've found are pocket editions, which are great and all, but I like info and would like a more detailed edition. Any suggestions. Thanks!

    PS- If there is a previous thread on this topic, please point me in that direction. Thanks!
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  3. by   AugustRain
    Congrats on your new job! Each hospital will have its own chemo protocols, but the ONS Safety Standards is a good place to start:

    Actually, if you haven't already joined ONS, I'd highly recommend it - it's a great resource and has a lot of helpful info/CEUs.
  4. by   Munch
    This isn't exactly a site that has chemo protocols but this site has every cancer drug you can think of from Cisplatin to Mesna to Avastin to Prednisone(all the medications are in alphabetical order so you don't have to take three hours to find information about just one drug). When you click on the drug it tells you what kind of cancers it can be used for. It also has the possible side effects of the drug and the different ways it can be taken(EX: oral, IVP, infusion and so on). It also tells you the side effects that need emergency care. I found this site very helpful when I first started in oncology nursing.

    The site is

    Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for but it really can be helpful to any nurse working in oncology, especially if you are first starting out in that field.
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  5. by   OCNRN63

    Look for the "Chemotherapy/Biotherapy" book.

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