University of Oklahoma ABSN- Duncan applicants???

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    Is there anyone out there that has applied to OU's ABSN program in Duncan???

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    I applied.... I got the email about there being 70 applicants and 24 spots, but that's about all I know....
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    Finally!!! I've been hoping to find others in the same boat as me. I received the same e-mail but apparently a good number of applications are denied due to ineligibility and incomplete applications- I spoke with the admissions coordinator. Last year, there were 59 or so applicants and only 14 of the 24 slots were filled. Are you in Oklahoma? I've put all of my eggs in this basket so I'm anxiously waiting to hear about my admissions status.I still have one science/four general ed courses still in progress and hoping that's not a deal breaker. I have some really great info from a current student. I don't have messaging privileges but I can copy and paste here if you'd like.
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    I'm actually from Texas. I applied to one other accelerated program down here, but they got 700+ applications for 80 spots, and I already found out I'm not one of the 80, so all my eggs are in this basket as well. I'm taking chemistry and microbiology right now but I've finished all the other prequisites. What kind of info did that student give you?
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    I hope he doesn't mind me passing this on. Here it is :

    "1. Admissions requirements are on the ouhsc website, but our ABSN class has 14 students and the max they can accept is 25. This is the 3rd or 4th year of the program and this is the largest class so far. I think if you meet the minimum requirements stated you will likely be accepted. Since it's such a small class you really get to know the instructors.
    2. Clinicals are at DRH 1 day a week the first semester and then 2 days a week during the summer and fall semesters. During the final spring semester you work whenever your preceptor works and the program ends at spring break. First semester is rehab type floor. Summer is split between OB and another rehab floor and the fall semester is split between psy and a critical care area (ER, ICU or Surgery).
    3. Curriculum is also on the OUHSC website (see below). I don't think there is a specific schedule on the site for the Duncan ABSN program, but the order of the classes is pretty much the same as the Oklahoma City ABSN program. Classes are mostly on campus, with usually one online class per semester. Usually 14 - 16 credit hours per semester, including the summer semester. The summer was 10 of the worst weeks of my life.
    4. I don't really know how to explain the exams. I study a lot for exams and other people only study for a day or two before the exam. Just depends on how you learn best, but no one has failed out of our program yet. One thing about OU is that you must score a 75% on all areas of the course to pass the course. If you have a 74% average on your exams and a 100% on all of your other assignments and end up with a 80% for the semester you'll still fail the class.
    5. Nurse tech program really only applies to the traditional program since they don't have classes during the summer. There's the option to work some during the fall semester if you want, but I don't think anyone in my program is doing it.

    I guess that's about it. Most of the instructors are amazing! Duncan is a real small town and there isn't much to do. I'm not from this area so it's a bit of a change for me. Other then that I highly recommend the program. Just know that it's going to be intense, especially the summer. Let me know if you have any more questions."

    If you don't mind me asking, what was your major?
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    I majored in psychology... That's interesting that he said their class only has 14 people in it because the OU website says last semester they had 56 applicants and accepted 24.. Check it out :

    Maybe they "accepted 24" but only 14 actually attended. If they accept everyone that meets the minimum requirments I'll get accepted, but I'm not going to hold my breath about that until it actually happens... Thanks for the info... What was your major? Do you have a lot of healthcare experience?
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    I have B.S. in computer science-military science minor. I was a hospital corpsman in the Navy. I spent most of my time at an isolated duty station with minimum personnel so I did a variety of jobs (EMT,ambulatory care, lab, pharmacy, public health) But most of my training/experience was geared towards troop medical care- field and emergency medicine. Very technical not a lot of theory. How about you?
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    Nope, I pretty much have no healthcare experience. Ive done some shadowing and stuff like that, but never really worked in healthcare. I'm just hoping we hear something soon so I can start figuring out where i'm going to find a place to live in the middle of nowhere oklahoma. I've been to Duncan and there isn't much to the place. I'm thinking the only housing available will be some kind of singlewide out in the country... Hopefully i'm wrong about that... Let me know if you here anything from the school and I'll do the same
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    I just found out from the admissions coordinator that they aren't reviewing applications until December 9th and that we should be receiving letters around the 13th.
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    I applied and am STILL waiting for the OU central campus to send my transcript, it took 2 weeks to "process" my tuition check--

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