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Hello! I am a 23 y/o male college student about to graduate with a BS in Psychology(in the fall). I am looking at accelerated nursing programs and just so happened to run across the University of... Read More

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    HI everyone, I'm applying for the ABSN program, hopefully too start in January at the Lawton campus (in Duncan). I know it's competitive. I have a AS in interdisciplinary studies (it's a baccalaureate to the nursing program), as well as a BS in psychology. I've a 3.799 GPA, graduated Cum laude, my last 60 GPA hrs averages out to around 3.90, and my science GPA is 3.5. Oh, and I've never gotten a C. It all sounds good, but I know it's highly competitive. Do I have a shot?
    Also, what is the program like? I assume it's super fast and difficult, maybe like taking anatomy with Master Gains, only for a 14 mo.s. If someone would/ could be so kind, can you give me the scoop on it? Please and Thank You!
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    Hey 228sms, I was wondering if you were admitted into the program. I too have aBS in psych. Mine is from Cameron in Lawton. If you did get in, how'd you like it? Was it as fast paced and rigorous as I think it will be? I'm applying there for the spring 2016, semester. Any input you or anyone else here had would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have applied to the program in Duncan as well! This waiting is terrible, good luck!
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    Hey Sharper D...Was wondering if you got a yay or nay since the results are posted....I'll be attending the Duncan Campus this Spring!... PS thats not my picture...thats an auto avatar...haha. FYI!
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    I got into Duncan too!
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    Is anyone that got into duncan living there now? I'm looking for an apartment in the area and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions!
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    I live in Duncan and work at the hospital...avoid elm terrace apartments...[emoji6][emoji3] congrats on the acceptance
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