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Hello! I am a 23 y/o male college student about to graduate with a BS in Psychology(in the fall). I am looking at accelerated nursing programs and just so happened to run across the University of... Read More

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    Hey 228sms,

    I'm also in the ABSN program in Duncan. The ABSN program that you are looking at is listed as being in Lawton but it is actually in Duncan for the Spring and Summer semesters and then in the fall you have the option to stay in Lawton for class. I live in Lawton and found a good group to carpool with. Last year they only accepted 16 but this year I believe they are upping it up to 34. I think your GPA's look great! Don't be worried, I think you should have a great shot at getting in!

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    Thanks for the info! You guys have been a great help
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    What other, if any, schools did you apply to?

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