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Hello! I don't know how many of you are turning in your applications for the summer 2012 OU ABSN program, but I found a helpful page on OU's website which contains a schedule for this year's ABSN... Read More

  1. by   OURN2013
    Started a Facebook group for OU-Tulsa ABSN students. The group name is: OU TULSA ABSN 2012-2013.

    This will be a closed group utilized for communication by our classmates for those interested.

    Go ahead and request to join and I'll accept.

    Look forward to meeting each of you.

    ~ Chris
  2. by   OUabsn12
    Congrats to everyone else who got accepted in both OKC & Tulsa! I was wondering, did you all just get the letter & instructions on accepting the offer, or did anyone also get information on orientation & all of the things we need to do to get ready for the start of classes? I started reading through the to-do list on the orientation web page yesterday & was just curious about which forms they will be sending us & which ones we might need to print off ourselves from that page.

    The New Girl C, I am not familiar with the alternate process since I was just rejected last year; but if you also applied to the Traditional BSN program, I would bet that you stand a pretty good chance at getting in to it since you were placed as an alternate for the accelerated. Regardless, I hope you and the other alternates have good luck with a spot opening up for you!
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  3. by   CC10479
    Congrats to everyone who was accepted and made the alternate list! I hope you alternates get great news soon--I was an alternate last year for the traditional program, and I remember how hard it was waiting--hang in there! I was never told where I was on the list. I think someone said Tulsa has a lottery? They may choose the alternates differently depending on campus and program (traditional vs. accelerated). I would just call and ask how they determine who gets a spot, and if there is a list, where you are on the list. The one thing that they kept repeating when I talked with them is that they really have no way of knowing how many alternates will be selected. Some years all of the alternates have received a slot, other years, no one has received a slot. It really depends on the applicants and if OU is their first choice.

    I think someone also asked about the list of things we have to do before orientation? I was planning on printing everything off and getting it done this week. Based on the fact that our acceptance letters were so late this year, I don't want to wait for them to send me more documents. :-)

    Congrats again everyone!
  4. by   Compost189
    Well, I was accepted to OU OKC accelerated yesterday! I'm very happy, but now I have a decision to make. I was also accepted to OCCC BADNAP program which is 4 months shorter, $10,000 cheaper, but I would only get an ASN and not a BSN. Is anyone else in this same situation? I'm just unsure of which is the better fit for me. I honestly don't know a lot about the OU program since I thought it was such a long shot that I would get it. Are classes for OU OKC M-F 8-5? Where are clinical's held? I live in stillwater, so I will be commuting mostly, but am hoping to find a temporary living situation to where I can stay down in OKC some nights during the week. Being a guy, I don't think the possibility of finding people to split rent with is much of an option. If anyone has some general advice, or might be in the same boat I am feel free to share. Thanks.
  5. by   CC10479
    I am in the same situation. Can't write too much now, but my advice would be OU if you have the time and means. If you want to talk feel free to send me your number. My husband and I are out right now but will be back later. The clinical director I work with highly encouraged OU and I feel good about my choice.
  6. by   Compost189
    I've actually made up my mind. I can't turn down OU, so I just put down my $250 deposit and will let OCCC know next week that I won't be attending the BADNAP program. It's funny because I have my first BS from OSU and hopefully next year I'll have my BSN from OU. I guess that gives me the right to jump on whatever band wagon is doing best during football season.

    I guess I'll start on the checklist now!
  7. by   CC10479
    I honestly didn't know for sure if I'd want the OU slot, but when I opened the acceptance letter I knew OU was the best choice. However, both are great programs so deciding between the two wasn't the worst problem to have. Hopefully us giving up our slots at OCCC will open it up for some alternates (but from what I understand there aren't any???).

    And as far as football season goes, I am from Alabama/heart of the SEC, and don't want to get disowned from my family by saying "Boomer Sooner" too often. :-)

    Congrats on your decision!
  8. by   Compost189
    I was the same way. Apparently they only accepted 43 applicants. I feel very, very lucky to have gotten in. Just as a heads up, if you want to purchase your scrubs buy from a place called "The Uniform Shoppe" in Oklahoma City. The nursing advisor pointed me there direction when I went to go try on scrubs and she didn't have the sizes I needed to try. This place is cheaper than the packaged deal and then they will give you an additional 15% off because you're an OU student. Just go in there and tell them you are with the OU nursing program and they will get you the correct color and brand of scrubs. If you do that all you need to purchase from OU are the patches and the polo. It's worth it I think. For 2 sets of scrubs I paid $70 and the price of the male cargo pants are more than that with the packaged deal.
  9. by   juliaann
    Congrats everyone! I'm a current ABSN at OU-Tulsa, so if anyone has any questions or wants a current student perspective on anything, feel free to ask here or PM me!
  10. by   OURN2013
    Hey Juliaann! I would very much appreciate your insight in this program. I can't PM yet because I don't have 15 msgs on; can you email me @ Thank you! And.... congratulations on nearly finishing!!! Only 3 more months!!!
  11. by   ou_absn_2013
    I looked for the group on FB but cannot find it under the name you posted.

  12. by   OURN2013
    Hi nurse2btulsa,

    Try this link:

    It should be under "OU TULSA ABSN 2012-2013"

    Let me know if your able to find it!

    Thanks and look forward to meeting all of you,

    ~ Chris
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  13. by   ouabsn13

    I tried the FB link and could not find it.


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