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I have been putting off nursing school for ten years while my children were small. I am finally ready to go back. I applied for the program at Tulsa Tech beginning in the fall. I have a CNA and I got a 94% on my HESSI. The... Read More

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    Does anyone know how many points are needed to get in lpn at tulsatech?

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    Tulsa13, I went in with full points except for CNA which I completed in block 1... I was never wait listed and got right into the term I applied for... I applied early and didn't wait for the last minute...i did go in with a high HESI score..I hear there can be a wait list but I don't think it's very long? Try seat new classes spring and fall...I don't remember application deadlines... Good luck!
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    okie36, ok thanks for the info. I just moved here last month, I took the HESI last month and made about average. I'm praying that I get spring2014. Do you know anything about how the wait list works?? Thanks again!
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    Tulsa13, from what my instructors are telling me, every class is full and there are wait lists but from what I hear most people aren't waiting very long.... And if you do evenings it's even shorter...you need to apply, take hesi, do a program visit, and attend a orientation session...once you get in, each block lasts approximately 10-12 weeks...very accelerated.. Block 1 is a&p, med term and Cna ..block 2 is concepts, fundamentals, pharmacology, block 3 is OB, newborn, medsurg, block 4 is peds, medsurg 2, and block 5 is mental health, psych and your preceptorship....

    Right now I am in block 3. We spend 4 days a week in clinicals (hospital floor nursing, ER, and assisted living) we have exam days on Wednesdays. Exams were for; integumentary, respiratory, cardiac, hematology, and musculoskeletal.... Yes, you have already covered those systems in anatomy but this is when it goes in depth with nursing interventions for each disease process and NCLEX type testing questions. You must maintain an 80 or above in each class to move on and clinicals are pass/fail... I have a classmate that has passed all exams for this block, but didn't pass clinical so they will not proceed on with us and will have to repeat the clinical portion of block 3 again.... Good luck! I believe the application deadline is fast approaching!
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    Okie36... Thanks so much for the info. I actually have already applied, took hesi& did the program visit. So my application is completed. I think I'm more so anxious to know if I will walk right in or be on waiting list...I did apply for both day&evening. Ughhh I just really want to start this spring!! But again thank you sooooo much for updating me! Good luck to you

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