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  1. Hi, All! I will be turning in my nursing application to TCC this spring with all of the pre-requisites and most of the co-requisites completed. I plan on taking physiology, micro-biology, and federal government in the fall. So, if I am accepted into the RN program in the spring of 2015, I can focus solely on the nursing courses. However, I went into talk with an adviser at the West campus and he informed me that he hasn't seen any applicants accepted in to the program without completing ALL of the science courses first. But technically, I will have all of the science courses completed before I entered the program, although they wouldn't be on my application since the due date for the application is the first Friday in June and I wouldn't be able to enroll into those classes until late summer and finish them in the fall. And, too, on the detailed curriculum plan for the program shows that physiology and micro-bio can be taken in level one of the program. My question is, has anyone been accepted into the program and not completed physiology and micro, and took those courses while taking the actual nursing courses?
    note: I may have chosen to talk to the wrong adviser since he was at the West campus and the nursing division is at the Metro campus... I plan on talking with the nursing division very soon. I'm just curious as to who as attended the program.
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  3. by   2014RNGraduate
    I would definitely talk to the nursing division on how to put that on your application. I just finished level 4 at TCC and haven't heard of any of the other students taking science courses concurrently with the RN program. Honestly, if you can get those out of the way you would be much better off. The program is very rigorous and it would be very stressful to have extra classes outside of your nursing classes.
  4. by   simonmoon91
    There are things you need to know. First of all, the application deadline has changed. (News Alert | Tulsa Community College)
    I visited both nursing division and academic adviser last week, but what they were saying is different.
    Nursing division said that I did not have to take everything but just five prerequisites.
    (Bio for Major, Introduction to Psychology, Human Anatomy, Principles of Chemistry, and Freshman Comp I)
    Based on that, I believe TCC nursing entrance is no longer point system.
    However, the academic adviser said that I had to hake every prerequisites before I apply RN program.
    I have no idea whose information is correct, but I am going with nursing division.
    I am taking CNA in summer, but I did not take Physiology and Microbiology yet. For fall 2014, I only enrolled Physiology and other three subjects because I do not want to take Physiology and Microbiology at the same time
    Anyway, I will apply RN program in spring 2015 too. Good luck to you!
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  5. by   GingerRN17
    I heard the same thing as simonmoon91. With so many applicants, if you dont have all your pre-reqs done before hand, they probably wont accept you (this is what the Nursing Division Adviser told me) I am finishing everything up by Spring of '15 and will apply Summer of '15!
  6. by   AW1201
    I am in a similar situation and was wondering what the out come was? Hoping you got in!

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