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i am getting ready to apply to UCO for the fall 2010, and it doesnt seem llike anyone on this site goes there. are there any UCO students out there?... Read More

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    Today is the day! New Student Orientation! Hopefully I will get good news that someone didnt want to go and Ill be off the waitlist and into the program with you all!

    See you there!

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    So I had to leave at 3:00 today, when I thought it was going to be over anyway, because I had a lab practical for anatomy at OSU stillwater. I left right before they discussed the ATI testing. Is the what we have to pay $353.00 for? and was their anything else important I should know about? Also, I was wondering who won the stethoscope! I knew my name would never be drawn, so I was ok with having to leave!
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    The testing fee is the ATI testing. You bring receipt to nursing office, Same with $15 for insurance.
    A girl on the front row won the stethoscope.
    They just covered making sure your shots are completed bye the time school starts.
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    Do any of you have the packet of information that was sent to you with your acceptance letter?

    I am on the waitlist, therefore I did not recieve it. (I am alternate #2, and one person has already dropped, so I am next in line) I was wondering if I could get a scanned copy, or make photocopies and pick them up, so I can see what all I need to get done for when I get the call that I am in!

    I would really appreciate it!
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    Ok thanks, yes I could copy it and email it to you, is there a way to do that through here so the whole world wont be trying to get into your e-mail?
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    Thank you so much. You could insert it as a picture on here or at the bottom hit go advanced and you can upload documents
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    I'm thinking we should start a thread specifically for UCO Nursing Class of December 2013, or a facebook group mayber?
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    Quote from Acusack89
    I'm thinking we should start a thread specifically for UCO Nursing Class of December 2013, or a facebook group mayber?
    That would be great! Maybe a fb group? I think more of our class would be on there. Are we allowed to start it? Btw, congrats on being next!! Thats great news!!
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    Thanks so much! I was trying not to start crying when Dr. Rider told me!

    Yeah, we are allowed to start it! I'll try and start one real quick. I'll post the link when I am done!
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    okay figured out how to do it. I am a bit slow

    look for UCO Nursing - Class of December 2013
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