Saint Francis hospital new grad help

  1. Hey guys,
    I am an Lpn with three years of experience In pediatrics, and will finish an rn program in a couple of weeks. Every since I was a child my dream has to been to work at saintFrancis children's hospital. I have been applying for about three months and have not gotten even a second look. It is so upsetting to me because I enjoy pediatrics so much. I have a really calling for this area so anything else fall short for me. I have a back up position on a med surge floor in the town I live but it is not where my heart is. I am so devastated that I have not even been able to obtain an interview. I did interview last year for a nurse extern position and did not get the job because I was already an Lpn. I feel that something from that is flagging them from hiring me. The only thing I can think of is my gpa isn't perfect because I made some mistakes my freshman year and did not drop my classes. I have since retaken those classes and passed with a's and b's. Does anyone have any advice? I have spoke to a nurse recruiter and she did being up the transcript immediately. But I know if I could at least get an interview they could see my passion for this job. Thank you for your advice
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  3. by   iwillact
    Keep applying! I work at St Francis and we are getting ready to transition to a new software program. Its nuts. There are changes coming up. For instance our floor is expanding and we will be moving to two floors and they are adding a psych area. Dont give up! Maybe try calling the recruiter and asking her advice what you can do. I dont remember anyone looking at my transcripts though. hmmm. Good luck!
    Also want to add that I applied multiple times before getting hired.