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Hey all! Was just wondering if anyone else out there is starting RSU's nursing program this Fall... I am and I am soo excited! I would love to meet others who are starting with me.... Looking forward to meeting all my... Read More

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    We go both Monday and Tuesday. After Labor Day, we have clinicals IF we have passed the dosage test.

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    But do we have clinicals Monday and Tuesday.... or Monday or Tuesday? I thought one section had lab or clinicals one day and the other section had lab or clinicals the next? Is that right?
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    Hey all! We actually have clinicals one both Monday and Tuesday of one week and then the following week we will have lab and it will trade off like that one group in clinicals and the other group in lab so every other week we will have clinicals. I am taking Foundation at 8 on WR and Concepts at 10 on R and then Pharmacology at 2:30 on R and then Sociology online. So I have 14 hrs and I hope I don't become overwhelmed with that! From what I got from that letter of the first few weeks of school we will be in lab or class both Monday and Tuesday until around 5pm till the first week of September. I still need my uniform and supplies but I am going to have to wait for my next paycheck till I can pick up those things. Money is tight right now... Well I hope y'alls summers are going well... I keep looking forward to Aug 12! Can't wait! Lol!
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    Have any of you got your background checks back already? I ordered mine on the 15th and I still haven't gotten it back. I called them and they said they were waiting on some "Stamped" paper? I told them that we had a deadline of the 1st and she said she would talk to the guy to hurry it up. I'm just wondering if all of our paperwork is being held up or if some of you have gotten it back. Thanks.
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    I got my background check done shortly after the orientation and the report was sent to my e-mail in a matter of a few days. Have you guys started your reading yet? I have read some but it isn't the most interesting stuff yet haha. It is just a bunch of nursing background type stuff.

    I was supposed to take statistics and pathophysiology this semester because they are the last ones that I need for my bachelors, but when I went to enroll they told me to drop them because I needed to focus on the "social" aspect of nursing school. I did as they said, but I feel like I could have handled it haha.
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    I have not read, but I have worked on reviewing dosage. I am taking nine hours. I am taking a two week class so I have nine hours for fafsa. The closer it gets, the more scared I am getting.....
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    I've read about 5 chapters of our concepts class. I don't have the other two books that are on the reading list yet. I just got my financial aid award letter yesterday so I accepted that online and ordered the last few books I need from the bookstore so I can charge them to the FA account. Those won't be available to pick up until Aug 2nd. I wish I could get them now so I could be completing the reading... oh well. I guess I'm going to have to call the background check people again tomorrow. There is no reason why it should be taking so long, especially if some of you have already gotten yours back.
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    It doesn't say to do all that reading on mine. It is twenty pages here, twenty there. Did I miss something?
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    No... you've got it. Random pages and chapters of 3 different books... it looks like 3. Anyway I started reading before the letter was sent, that's why I'm 5 chapters in to the contemp. nursing book. I just wanted to read as much as I could to get it out of the way. One less thing to do later. Since it's not a big book I was hoping to have it all read before classes start so I only have to skim the chapters to refresh through the semester, to give me more time on all the other reading for foundations.
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    smart move, and I will get motivated. LOL Three weeks from today...... good luck to all...

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