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Hey all! Was just wondering if anyone else out there is starting RSU's nursing program this Fall... I am and I am soo excited! I would love to meet others who are starting with me.... Looking forward to meeting all my... Read More

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    Hmmm... I am not too sure on the hair. They really didn't say too much on it, besides that it had to be off of the collar. My guess would be that as long as it is pulled back and isn't going to interfere with your work it is OK. My hair is shorter now, but when it was long I used to to a messy type bun. It took about 5 seconds to do and didn't look too sloppy. It kept my hair all the way up with out looking "grandma-like" haha. Something like this:

    or this:

    My problem with my hair is it just barely touches my collar in the front and will barely go in a ponytail but it looks really bad pulled back. So I am debating on whether to cut it a little shorter or pull it back and look weird.

    I am still debating on what shoes I want to get. I am thinking of getting slip on's with a heel and all white leather, without laces. I don't really like tennis shoes so I am hoping this is a good alternative for me.

    Women's Spring Step Nurse / Uniform Shoes White GRETA W - Peltz Shoes

    They are very ugly but I am short and my scrubs should cover most of them except for the tip.

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    I agree, I think the messy bun would look good. It would keep it off the collar but still not look too "librarian" lol...

    I think cutting your hair just a tad bit shorter might be what you should do. That way you wouldn't have to worry about putting it up. You could just fix it and go. I recently cut mine shorter so I don't have to worry about putting it up.

    As for the shoes, I am really not sure. I am thinking about going to some of the uniform places and trying on some nurses shoes. For my cna clinicals last year I just bought some white dr. scholl's from wal-mart. They weren't too bad, but I think after a full day might feet would probably be feeling it. I am thinking about looking at dansko's, but they are so expensive! I having been browsing threads here on allnurses for shoe suggestions and I see dansko's, nurse mate's, croc's, and new balance's suggested quite often. Guess I will just have to try lots on! Might make for a nice day of shoe shopping though lol!
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    I think I've decided to just go to the New Balance store at Utica square so I can be professionally fitted for the shoes. That's probably a better idea than me trying to pick them out on my own. My mom was trying to help and bought a pair of hideous solid white oxfords from sears . She gave me the receipt and they are going back tomorrow.
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    Quote from FriarTuck
    I'm also starting the RSU program this fall and really looking forward to it. I'm one of the 12 guys in the program (think that's the number they told me).

    I just want to know who voted for white pants and how we can repeal that decision :-).
    No kidding Friar Tuck, the white pants are not cool. I looked at the pants at the scrub shop there in Claremore and they were practically transparent. I fear we are going to know our classmates by their underware choice and pattern.

    SO GIRLS, you are ordering Non-see through white pants off the INTERNET RIGHT? RIGHT?

    They do exist, Google it.
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    Okay I ended up going with New Balance 927's with inserts. They are sooo comfy. Not so cute, but whatever. The guys at Utica Square were really nice and patient with me. I had a hard time deciding.
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    Awesome! I really need to look into that. What classes are you guys taking this semester? I am only taking foundations at 8am on WR and concepts at 10am on R. I am not taking any other classes because I already have them done, so I am thinking I should have it fairly easy throughout nursing school.
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    I'm taking Concepts at 9 on R, Foundations at 10 on WR, Pharm R at 5:30, and Soc W at 7:00. I got my patches sewed on last week. If anyone lives in Tulsa and needs help with that I can help out. I'm sure there are some of you who don't have sewing machines and don't want to pay 5 bucks per patch for a semstress to sew them for you.

    Oh yeah, I also meant to let you guys know that the SAS store at 65th and Memorial also have a pair of mostly white (with a little bit of baby blue) leather shoes that were also pretty comfy... they were $140 though. They do give nurses a $12 discount. At New Balance the 927's were $110 and the 623's were $65. I do suggest the extra inserts though. Make the shoes feel like you are walking on a matress. Inserts are $35.
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    Ok, I really feel like I'm going to forget something and miss a deadline... tell me if I've forgot something.

    Ordered background check today
    Have a DR appt next week for immunizations and TB test, as well as provider statement of health
    Ordered 1/2 my books (I'm hoping I have enough financial aid to charge the rest at the bookstore, I'm running low on dough)
    Called Donna about the drug test. She said our instructors would inform us on when to take it... I hope they do
    Got my CPR certification
    Got my uniforms, patches, pressure cuff, steth, hemostat, scissors, pen light

    anything else?
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    HI! I am new to and I am going into the RSU nursing program in the fall as well. I think I have everything done except the drug test and buying shoes. I went to the SAS store on Memorial today and tried on the freetime shoes but they did not say anything about a discount for nurses. GRR! Dansko nursing shoes get great reviews online and was wondering if anyone has tried them on. Anyway, glad to get to know some more people going into the program!
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    Have any of you got your letter about the first week of classes yet? I got mine on Thursday and it's a little confusing. I thought we would have class EITHER on Monday or Tuesday, but not both. One section would be one day and the other the next. Is that what you guys understood from the orientation? In the letter it days we will be in class both days until Labor Day, and it doesn't say what happens after that.

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