Rose State RN Spring 2013 - page 6

by Jamespo86 | 12,288 Views | 70 Comments

Hello All! Anyone else applying for Rose's beginning track RN program for Spring 2013? Just wanted to see who all was in the same boat as me.... Read More

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    I called last week... Someone else's turn. Lol
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    I'll have my husband call. I called twice last week.
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    Lol. Good idea.
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    Just goes to voicemail. Maybe the receptionist is at lunch. I'll try again.
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    Nothing today... Ugh.
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    Maybe tomorrow.......
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    Got my letter today. It's a no go for me. Best of luck to you all.
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    Lizardyells, were you career ladder?
  9. 0
    Yes, career ladder. 😢
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    The cut off was 69

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