Rose State RN Spring 2013 - page 5

Hello All! Anyone else applying for Rose's beginning track RN program for Spring 2013? Just wanted to see who all was in the same boat as me.... Read More

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    I've been checking the mail everyday.

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    I decided not to since I was told it wouldn't go out til early this week. Hopefully that meant today.
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    I can't believe they can wait so long. Makes it very inconvenient to plan for next semester.
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    Yes it does! We don't get months to plan like the people who start in August.
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    My job gets on to me every shift trying to make January's schedule.
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    Luckily I have a set schedule that never changes but I am so nervous about what I'm gonna do. I work full time and I'm a single mom of 3. I've been so stressed out!
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    you guys will let me know when you get your letter right? haha im getting depressed when there is no mail from rose state...
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    Haha... No way I'm keeping it to myself... LoL
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    No letter today......
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    I am beyond anxious!!!

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