Rose State College Spring 2014

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    Any one applying to Rose State for spring 2014? Which track and how many points do you have? My preference is the online option and I'm applying with 133 points. I'm not sure I have enough points to get in, but here's hoping!

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    I applied for the beginning track classroom option. I have 131 points. I talked to the program coordinator and she said the last two semesters had a cut off of 120 points and that she did not think it would raise that much. Hopefully for both of us that is true. Good luck!
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    I applied for the career ladder track. I had around 80 points.
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    Have any of you applied before? Do you really think it'll take until December to know if we got in or not?
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    I've never applied before. From what I've heard they send out letters the week of Thanksgiving.
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    They had told me that they would know the minimum amount points to get in by the first of November, and that the letters would go out around thanksgiving.
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    Has anyone heard anything yet? I am beyond anxious.
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    Not yet. I hope soon though!!
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    Has anyone heard any rumors as to what the cut off for points will be for the traditional track?
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    Has anyone got their letter back yet? I talked to the secretary and she said they are mailing them out this week. I'm pretty nervous

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