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Hello I'm a new grad and I've just been hired by OU Medical Center. With the big move fast approaching I still have so many unanswered questioned that I should have probably already researched hahaha. If anyone would be so kind... Read More

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    Do you have any idea why leasing was frowned upon in OKC? Are they the normal issues that come with leasing? Ex. High insurance etc
    No, the insurance rates are actually cheaper for most parts of OKC when compared to the rest of the country due to lower property crime rates and less likelihood of getting involved in a collision.

    Since new and used vehicles are reasonably priced, many people would rather pay the same monthly payment to buy the car instead of lease it. OKC is very spread out and sprawling, so you will quickly go over your allotted 12,000 miles per year that most leases allow. The back-end charges are huge when you go over your mile limit and attempt to return the leased car after the leasing period ends.
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    Does OU Medical Center offer relocation fee?
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    Does OU Medical Center offer relocation fee?
    OU Medical Center does not need to offer relocation assistance because this facility receives hundreds of applications from nurses who live in and around Oklahoma City.