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Hi! Does anyone know when they will send out the acceptance letters for the OU traditional nursing program? The woman that I spoke with at OU had said thatshe thought it was March, but was not sure. I just wonderedif anyone else... Read More

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    Basically, I do have all of my rerequisites out of the way. I just keep applying and keep applying and can't seem to get into anything. My overall gpa is 3.0 and my science gpa is a 2.3...I don;t know.. I am going to keep trying osu-okc and occc traditional nursing program. I was going to try to get into the fast track nursing programs in okc, like OU 14month bsn program, occc 9 month rn program, since I already have my bachelors degree, but I keep getting denied..So, will see what happens

    Thanks for the information GoodOldnurse!!

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    Quote from Goodoldnurse
    The college I teach in has stopped participating in the 1+1 program since many of those students are not successful in the RN program. The LPN program does not teach the same things as the first year of a traditional nursing program of an Associate degree nurse. After the first year of the traditional program you can take the LPN licensure exam. Just a thought before you you go on this route.
    do you know anything about the 1+1 program at Francis Tuttle Votech?? I am still maybe thinking about applying to that.. the application is due july 15 this year.. I am at my last straw on trying to get accepted somewhere, plus I am sooooo ready to just be done.I have been in and out of college for the last 10 years now. Got my bachelor's to help me gpa, which it did, and now just trying to get into a nursing program... I am still though waiting on an acceptance letter from osu-okc for fall 2009..but my points are only 73, and I don;t know if that will get me in or not....??? Would you totally not recommend this program at francis tuttle votech, the 1+1 program?? Thanks for your help!!
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    Get ready for a ride, especially if you're in the TCC-OU collaborative program. I'm headed to OU from my 1st year at TCC with the CBSN program. My biggest piece of advice is to have good, organized study skills. Trust yourself that you know the information and understand how to apply it in nursing situations. There have been some issues that we have tried to change for the class of '11 so keep your fingers crossed. If you have any questions about the collaborative program, feel free to PM me. I'm the OUSNA Collaborative Chair so I'll be helping with your orientation anyway. Look forward to meeting you and get ready to ride the roller coaster, LOL! but MOST OF ALL------CONGRATS ON THE BEGINNING OF BEING A GREAT NURSE!
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