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I am looking into the AAS program at OSU-OKC and am hoping to be able to apply for Fall 2012. I am a little worried though that I don't even have a prayer. I am transferring in with 80 college... Read More

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    For this application period it was 82 as well. I just got my acceptance letter today!! I guess I may see you in school!
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    I'm still trying to process it... Congratulations!
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    Hey guys has anyone figured out when we have to get the TB test done? Because the letter says everything is due by November 30th but the attachment with the required documents says after December 5th for the TB test. I tried emailing Aimee Golden but no answer....
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    I'm sure you've gotten the answer but just in case... All immunizations, etc. need to be turned in by the November 30 deadline. Wait until December 5 to do the TB test and you're all set! The TB test takes a little over 2 weeks from start to finish so its best to get started ASAP in order to have it completed by January orientation.
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    Yeah I did, I think I've called about 10 times now so they're probably sick of me. I was having so many issues getting my shot records together! Anyway, thanks for the response.