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Hi guys! I have a quick question, and any info would be a huge help! Well, I'm going back to school with the long term goal of being accepted to the osu/okc nursing program. In the meantime,... Read More

  1. by   LChong
    Hi, I read that you had applied to OSU-OKC and had some trouble, how are things going? I plan on enrolling for the August 9th class, I havent gotten everything together just yet.
  2. by   afineparadigm

    infor on Oklahoma Free CNA Training
  3. by   CourtneyMichele
    I am actually looking into doing the CNA program until I finish up my degree for RT, but I am trying to find out what classes are like as in what are the hours? is the training actually at the school or do you do it at a nursing home, hospital etc. I appreciate anyone who can give me some information.