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Hi guys! I have a quick question, and any info would be a huge help! Well, I'm going back to school with the long term goal of being accepted to the osu/okc nursing program. In the meantime,... Read More

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    Where are the Sooner Care locations in OKC and what's the pay like?
    I am trying to decide if this program is worth my time, as I am a full time student and planning a wedding - I need some extra income but I want to be CERTAIN this is worth my while.

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    Most If not all nursing homes are soonercare. And it does have to be a nursing home. I worked at a hospital that accepted soonercare and asked if that would count towards my year commitment. They said no it has to be a nursing home. You could always pay for your cna class and would have no obligation after. As for the pay it varies, I think some nursing homes have shift differentials but base pay can be from 9-12 or so. Before you do become a cna you might want to look at some of the questions on here and different peoples stories and experiences. I wouldn't just do it for extra money as it is a lot of hard work. The only reason I did it was to get more points on my nursing application. Congrats on your wedding.
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    Juliaann, I had enrolled in the osu nurse aide program in march, paid my fee for the tb test (passed) and back ground check, passed the reading test was accepted and the lady at the facility in Clarmore said someone would contact me from the osu-okc office, I have never got a call, letter or anything from them. I have made 2 phone calls to osu, they have never been returned and when I call the Claremore facility they tell me it's in the hands of osu now. My mother has been very ill and in and out of the hospital since March so I've had limited time to pursue this! What should I do, has anyone ever had any problems with the osu nurse aide program? I have 5 children and was in hopes to have started a new career by this summer
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    Hi, I read that you had applied to OSU-OKC and had some trouble, how are things going? I plan on enrolling for the August 9th class, I havent gotten everything together just yet.
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    infor on Oklahoma Free CNA Training
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    I am actually looking into doing the CNA program until I finish up my degree for RT, but I am trying to find out what classes are like as in what are the hours? is the training actually at the school or do you do it at a nursing home, hospital etc. I appreciate anyone who can give me some information.

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