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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if someone can help with questions I have about Oklahoma University! I am going to start OSU-OKC's 1+1 program this Fall. But, I figured it cant hurt to apply to OU's trad BSN for the Fall 09 start anyway. I have talked to the nursing people at OU but they are not always honest and they try to make things sound better than they really are, so.....

    does anyone know the average cut off at which they choose their students? They told me a 3.0 is already pretty strong, but that seems awfully low to me. How bad it look to take a class over? I got a C in an A&P course a couple years back but when I took it over last summer, I got an A!

    I dont know If I should go the RN-BSN route of the trad BSN? Its about $5000 in tuition difference but I would finish the same time for both.
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  3. by   bloc_party
    OU does sugar coat things at times. They told me the cut off was about a 3.4 which I had but still didn't get in and I applied to the OKC, Tulsa, and Lawton campus. They did call me a couple of months ago saying they had extra slots in OKC so that's where I'm going this fall! Don't give up on OU if that's where you want to go. I thought all hope was lost, but it wasn't! The RN-BSN program might be easier to get into instead of the traditional one....
  4. by   okchug
    Hey NICU!
    OU offers application seminars. Try to go-they're informative. It is very competitive to get into the Health Sciences Center first of all, then you've got to get into the nursing program. The RN-BSN may be easier to get into? I don't know. I went to the seminar a few years ago, interested in ABSN, and learned my GPA was way too low.After getting thru pre-reqs, I'm starting an ADN/RN program AUG 20th! I feel like it was the best decision for me- it's not for everyone. You gotta find the best fit.
    Good Luck & call about those seminars!
  5. by   NICUplease
    Thanks for the replies. I have since decided to try to get into OKCU's RN-BSN program after graduation. Kramer School of Nursing accepts ALL applicants who have a GPA higher than 2.5 in NS. Although, it will cost more in tuition, I rather go there than OU. They dont require a Stats or Cultural class that OU's asking from me.

    I know I am probably planning to far ahead, but thats how I am... I have my life planned out 10 years out! I keep telling myself take it one step at a time and to just focus on getting my ADN first.

    Anywho... just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been replying to my posts. I just moved to OK from CA 2 months ago and dont really know anyone yet. AllNurses has been my way of socializing (even if it is all about school), WHAT A NUT!
  6. by   okchug
    Kramer is a good school, too. Really, I haven't heard a bad thing about any of the BSN/ADN programs here.
    I know how it is to plan years ahead and just be starting out, BUT it can't hurt to have a plan, right? I start at OCCC in a few weeks and I'm sure that I won't have much time after that to dream to far into the future! I'll be trying to pass the next test
    My hubby has suggested that I only visit ALLNURSES on the weekends after school starts- he knows I'm addicted!
    Have fun these last few weeks of summer!
  7. by   CardiacButterfly
    hello, sorry to hijack the thread but i was wanting to know if you could explain to me what the osu-okc 1+1 is? thank you.
  8. by   NICUplease
    The 1+1 program is for students who almost made it into the trad RN program but were short a couple of points. The students who have most or all science courses completed are then recommended for the 1+1 program (only about 16 are chosen for this program). The first year is an LPN curriculum completed at another school like Francis Tuttle or Moore Norman Tech (your choice). You MUST pass PN boards and obtain an LPN license in order for you to be guaranteed a spot in the 3rd semester of the RN program at OSU-OKC. So, you'd still graduate in 2 years and can take you RN boards at the end of it. The only difference is you spend the 1st year in an LPN program.
  9. by   OklaLPN
    Oh yes...Francis Tuttle, my alma mater
  10. by   jewls67
    Hello, sorry to bother you, but I didn't get into the traditional bsn program for fall 2009 Which I am really really upset!! But, you said that you didn't get in either, but they called you months later?? Maybe I do have hope!!Thanks
  11. by   nolimitam
    Jewls67, I know you were referring to someone else but I just wanted to let you know that you certainly do have hope to still get in. I applied to the ABSN program and after waiting 4 months practically I was denied and told that I would be considered as an alternate (as far as I was concerned everyone that did not get in was probably told that), but about three weeks later I was called and offered a spot. I know that the traditional program is probably more competitive than the accelerated, but just have faith that God will place you right where you need to be in the right timing. We don't always understand His plan for our lives but it will all work out for your good in the long run. Good luck to you....
  12. by   jewls67
    Thank you very much! You are sweet! I am just really upset that I was denied, but maybe they will call me. I will keep praying that they do. Good luck to you too!

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