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OCCC Spring 2012 Hopefulls!!

  1. 0 Hi there, I just wanted to start this discussion and see if anyone already applied for OCCC Spring 2012 Traditional Nursing Program and what points and GPA you guys have? Good luck from now. And btw I have 18 points and 3.6 GPA..
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    I am turning my application in this week! I don't think I'll get in since I'll only have 14 points, but it's worth a try! Good luck!!
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    Good luck to you too, and sometimes you never know don't lose hope!!
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    Hi there!! I am applying with 19 points and a 3.45 GPA. Does anyone have medical experience? Good luck to everyone!!
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    Hey everyone!! I turned my application in a couple of weeks ago. Im so nervous!! I have 19 points and a 3.4 gpa. Good luck to everyone!
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    Hello kelli29, I'm glad you joined us and I applied few weeks ago ,I don't have any medical experience and that makes me even more nervous, Good luck again..
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    Hi schapp06, I don't think you'll have any problems with 19 points, fingers crossed it is gonna be a long waiting!!
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    Hi! I am taking my TEAS test on Wed and if I do well enough I am applying. If I receive all the points I will have 17 points and 3.0, I was planning on applying next fall but I figure there is a chance I can get in. Anyone have any advice on the TEAS test?? Good luck to all of you!
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    I know its going to be such a long wait ! Im hoping time will fly by : ) Swood, the english and reading are pretty straight forward, the math is basic math just very time consuming because u have to work everything out, you dont get a calculator. So make sure to manage your time wisely so that you dont run out of time. The science was the hardest part to me its very broad and covers alot of different areas.
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    Hi Swood, I would recommend the manual study guide (bookstore) or the online practice test which was kind of costly but worth it..
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    Thank you, I did purchase the study guide and have been going over it. Hopefully it will pay off!
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    Hopefully you'll pass it, let us know, and on the other hand two days left for the applications due date!! So nervous to get the letter already
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    Hi Ladies! I passed my TEAS test. Yay! But I did not get the points for my math placement. I was stunned at how hard it was at the end and I am pretty bummed about it. I still applied although I am doubtful that I will get accepted with only 15 points. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive word if we are accepted or not?