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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

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    I applied last week. I had only 15 points and a 3.9 G.P.A. I know it is low, but I am hoping it is enough to get me in. Right now I am really nervous and hoping they are pretty fast about the emails, so I can figure out what I am going to do next semester. I would have 19 points, but I barely missed the score I needed for the writing test and the math I have not done in a while, so I did not do well on that.

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    I had a question about the background checks and when I called to ask, the lady at admissions said that there were a little over 200 applicants with points ranging from 3 to 20 something. Wow....that is a big gap in the points. She said that most that she had seen herself were 16, 17 and lower. So I hope that means the cutoff will be slightly lower and we are all in together!!! The waiting game is killing me as well. Im very impatient lol
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    Me too! I wish she would have told you the cut off
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    How many applicants get in? I really hope we all get in!!!
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    72 get in. They only send acceptance letters to 62 I believe. So if you get an alternate letter ranging from 1-10, you are probably in. I've been told they do that to allow room for existing nursing students that have to retake NP1. She said he is still reviewing and it would be the three weeks like they said, no longer than 4 she hoped!
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    Hey! I was just curious if anyone has heard any "new" news concerning the acceptance letters, points? Hope all is well with everyone!
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    No nothing new ... I have called twice to see if they were going to do the verifications by email or if they stopped doing them... One lady didn't even know they were doing it by email already. And the man on admissions must be busy cause I can never get him on the phone... One more week hopefully!!!! I want to know at least what the cutoff is!
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    So I emailed admissions and they responded quick about the verification letters....but now I am even more confused. It said* "Acceptance letters for the Traditional Nursing Spring 2013 will be email and mailed.**Please let us know if you have any additional questions.*Thanks for visiting Community Colleges Oklahoma | Classes, Programs, Associate Degrees, Online Classes"
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    They are not doing verifications letters anymore. If you guys have any questions email is the way to go he responds very quick.
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    I just sent an email to admissions asking of they knew the cut off yet So waiting on a reply
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