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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

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    Where do you live? It will be great to have more people to study with I will text you after the holidays! Happy holidays to you too!

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    If anyone would like a "mentor" feel free to friend me and PM me. I'd love to help all of you in any way I can. Not even 6 months ago, I was in your shoes. NP1 is challenging, but it's also fun!!
    Some tips to get prepared:
    -Do all your readings that they tell you to.
    -Practice Dosage calculation. You don't need the stress of failing it the first time and it's really not that difficult if you practice.
    -Get organized now
    -If you have kids, love on them as much as possible now.. go to the zoo, take em to the movies etc. You might find that doing the fun stuff once you get started will be a little more difficult.

    Good Luck!!
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    We will definitely need to study dosage calc's after NYE. So it's a date! Thanks for the advice and I would love a mentor.
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    Congrats to everyone that got in!! I am really good friends with OKNurse2be and I am also going into NPII in Jan. If I can offer any word of advice to you it would be to get organized and dont fall behind. You have a great team of professors in NPI that are there to guide you. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in orientation but time really does fly by. Use as many resources as you can, I really liked Fundamental Success book. I wish you all the best of luck and if you have any questions or need any advice feel free to friend me and PM me as well
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    Thank you ladies so much for all the great advice! What stethoscope do you guys recommend?
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    Quote from Leslye3404
    Thank you ladies so much for all the great advice! What stethoscope do you guys recommend?
    I have this one Amazon.com: 3M Littmann Lightweight 11 SE Stethoscope, 28", Black, #L2450: Health & Personal Care in lilac. Works really well.
    If you go to a uniform store (Uniform Shoppe on N. May gives 15% off to Students) you can try different ones out to get a feel.

    Shopping for school stuff can be fun...
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    Does somebody know if they had accepted anyone with only 15 points?
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    Leslye and anyone else who wants to study dosage calculations, i'm going to be at Barnes and Noble in Norman from 10am-2pm studying. Tomorrow Friday the 4th! Happy New Year!
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    Katherine do you want to get together tommorow to study jan 10th, I can't find ur number but if you have mine text me!
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    I need a little help. How did you girls register in moodle to do the NESA stuff?

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