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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

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    I just got an email that someone dropped their spot! Woohoooo he told me to call immediately And I did but no answer! Omg I'm sooooo happy I just need to hear it over the phone and I can calm down! Your next Katherine!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's official I'm in!!! Wooohooooooo
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    Yay!!!! Congratulations
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    THE BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD IN MONTHS! CONGRATS LESLYE!!! YEAH YEAH! SEE YOU MONDAY!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! Thank you for posting! Thank you! eeeekkkk!

    Treat yourself to something nice!
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    Yes best news for me as well! I have been celebrating since I got the call! I can't wait until you post your call Katherine! Thank you! See you Monday!
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    thats great that you got your call! let me know how today goes! if anyone just gets up and walks out, like I have heard some do! lol. Im alternate #15 and I know that its a long shot, especially as its getting closer and closer and so few have been called, but I expect things come up and maybe... JUST MAYBE... I could get a call in January at the latest. Not going to be bummed if I dont as Im already planning other ways, but let me know how that meeting goes!
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    I just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone today!! You guys should all be at the Orientation!! I am a student in NP1 going into NP2 and our class is almost half alternates that got called in at the last minute. If memory serves me right, they called in as many as 30 alternates. There is HOPE in other words. It's a great school and the professors are wonderful. They really want you to be successful.
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    I was alternate 42 last semester, and was told I had a great chance this time, when I called a few weeks ago, I was told that I should just wait on a letter or call or email. I'm going to go by tomorrow, and talk with someone face to face. Crossing fingers that atleast 15 alternates get in!
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    Has anyone tried logging into Moodle or ATI?
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    This is late but I am alternate 3 and I got in yesterday at orientation! Yipeeeeeee! A great day, lots of info but so excited! And it was wonderful to meet Leslye finally!

    Here we go! Good luck to all the other alternates! Don't give up hope! I haven't tried moodle or angel or ati yet. I don't think Moodle will be ready until January.

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