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Hello All! I am currently getting my nursing school application together for OCCC's (Oklahoma City Community College) Traditional Pathway Nursing application deadline in April. I just wanted to put some feelers out to see... Read More

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    Quote from hima
    Hi all,
    I am new to this website and need some help. I just got an acceptance letter from Langston university. I am wondering anyone is going to Langston for nursing program spring 2014 . Please let me know.
    I would search or Langston posts on this site. Or-start a new thread. You just about have me a heart attack thinking I was left out of the acceptance pile to OCCC (Oklahoma City Community College). This is a thread for OCCC Fall 2013 hopefuls.

    Good luck finding the info that you are looking for! And congrats on your acceptance!
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    Ahh, thanks. I'm starting to second guess myself on everything now. I'm so nervous about tomorrow.
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    Well everyone.. The day is here. Now we wait. Eeeeeek!
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    Every time my phone "swooshes" (indicating I have an email) my heart skips a beat!
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    Hi ALL, I JUST called occc and spoke to " THE GUY" he said the notifications have not been sent out yet, he is still waiting in records/scores.. He did say about 200 people applied and cut off was 17points.. I only had 16;( he said anyone who didn't get in will get a letter in the mail ( they will mail them late today or early tomorrow) with their alternate# and a letter included if they qualify for the 1+1 program! So now I wait to see what alternate I was;( good luck to everyone with 17 or higher, looks like YOU MADE IT!! Woot woot.
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    17 points and a 2.8 was the cutoff!!!! Wooohooooo
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    How did you find out the cutoff
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    Quote from Rajjhoss
    How did you find out the cutoff
    I called and asked him. Lol. He said "I remember you telling me your landlord is breathing down your neck to renew your lease, but that you're waiting to find out about this so... While I can't tell you on the record that you're in... The cutoff was 17 points and a 2.8.. Soooo, that should tell you." And I gasped and he laughed so yeah. He might've said it was 17 points and a 2.85, but I stopped hearing after he said "two point...."

    He said he is waiting for a couple more things from records, and the emails if not sent today, will be first thing in the morning tomorrow.
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    I guess that I got in then. I am still waiting on that awesome email that tells me so though!!! Congrats to all who will get in!
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    Quote from S.Bond204
    I guess that I got in then. I am still waiting on that awesome email that tells me so though!!! Congrats to all who will get in!
    I know! It seems unreal, so I feel like that email will make it sink in. I can't wait to see everyone at orientation!

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