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Has anyone recieved the confirmation letter yet? I'm a little anxious.... Read More

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    Yes, there is a verification letter that says they received the application and lets you know GPA and points. Then they send another letter via certified mail if you are accepted and by regular mail if you are not. The waiting is killing me!

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    Me too! I have a vacation planned for middle of May. Now that I understand there is two letters comming I am really anxious about maybe missing my mail. I am applying with 20 points. Goodluck to everyone! Hope to make a new group of friends! I am taking Micro w/Pope and Developmental Psych online this summer. I will be so happy to enjoy our couple of weeks off!
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    Yes we will get a confirmation letter first, from what I have read on these posts, stating what our points & gpa are and saying whether we are qualified? Then a few weeks later a certified letter if you get in (sign for it) or regular mail if we aren't accepted waiting patiently (kind of)
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    With 20 points, I'd be surprised if you didn't get in. Go on vacation and have someone check your mail while you are gone! Enjoy your last summer for the next couple of years! Especially if you are taking such a full load this summer!
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    I actually applied with 18 points but i had two trancripts, one from occc and an out of country transcript. I do not know which gpa will be use unless i get the verification letter. I hear from 17 points mostly gets in but one can not tell how the trend this time will be like. I am almost tired waiting an occc mail.
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    wow my search of the mail box came out with a verification note. This is good as any mistakes can be directed for corrections. The second series of waiting thus begins
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    I received my verification letter today and it contained accurate information.
    I am applying with 18 points.
    So I guess in about 2 weeks I'll be stalking the mailman again.....
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    With 20 points you are most certainly going to be accepted.
    Go on vacation and enjoy yourself.
    I think you have until June something to respond to the certified letter.
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    Got my confirmation today. Called them & the guy says the acceptance letter should be next week. AHHHHH!!! it's really setting in. Fingers crossed!
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    I recieved my verification letter also!

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