OCCC BADNAP (financial aid question)

  1. I'm planning to apply to the OCCC BADNAP program in the spring of 2011. I already have about $60k in student loan debt as the first half of my bachelors degree was obtained at a private university. I'm saving right now to support myself if I get accepted into the program. I won't be working full-time as I do now. I'm only taking a loan as an absolute LAST resort as I'm already working on paying off the $60k and do NOT want to go any further into student loan debt. While filling out my financial aid paper work I'm completely lost as to how to fill it out so that I may qualify for loans (as a last resort). I'm not a graduate student so not sure what to put? Has anyone had experience with this? Does anyone know if I could even qualify for loans carrying the debt that I already have from loans? I know that you can get more loans if in a graduate program but not sure about any other type of school. Again, this is only a last resort for me.

    Thank you in advance.

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  3. by   jcmoore07
    Hey Angie,

    If you got your previous loans in Oklahoma, I would go to http://www.ogslp.org/ that's the Oklahoma guaranteed student loan program. I went to that website and I called the number they gave and they were helpful and able to pull up specific information about my previous loans and what my eligibility would be.

    Good luck
  4. by   A_Sanor
    Thank you, Justin. I will give them a call.