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Hey, I was just checking to see who all will be attending the OCCC BADNAP program starting this June. If you are, let me know~:)... Read More

  1. by   A. Dawn
    I plan on applying to the BADNAP program for summer 2012. I was wondering if anyone knew y they haven't updated the applications yet? Also has anyone met with an advisor??

    A. Dawn
  2. by   r1kk1
    The BADNAP class of '11 is currently in NP III going into week two. ******* is who you want to see. You have to call to schedule an appt. There is not a lot of response on this list because we are incredibly busy!

    take care,

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  3. by   CC10479
    I am applying to the BADNAP 2012, and I would love to get more info from the current students during your next break, which I assume will be the winter break. I have either a 3.4-3.5 cumulative GPA so I'm fairly confident about getting accepted (and I've already taken the TEAS). My current plan is to refresh my A&P, get the dosage book, an intro to nursing book, med/surg, lots of pharmacology flashcards, I'm taking currently taking Med. Term, and will take Pharmacology in the spring. I'm also trying to get a CNA job at one of the hospitals. I know working during the program isn't an option, but I'd like to work a little during the breaks so I can hopefully get on with that same hospital when I'm an RN. My finances are in order, I've cleaned out everything, and plan to get the car detailed before nursing school starts. Someone on one of these forums said having everything cleaned and organized in the home life really made the accelerated program more bearable. :-) Any other advice?
  4. by   r1kk1
    Flash cards aren't my thing. Hollar at me if you want to talk.


    Take care
  5. by   val_kaye
    I am currently in the program. I bought a set of pharmacology flash cards that had good ratings and they ended up being a huge waste of money. You won't be carrying them around in your pocket the hospital, so don't bother. It would be good to review physiology-mainly the heart, lungs, and kidneys. I didn't have pharmacology or medical terminology, but they would have been a help. Good luck!
  6. by   kaycedee
    I have also been accepted for BADNAP and would like to buy the books secondhand. Any ideas please let me know
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  7. by   bwatts910
    @val_kaye...just let me know when you are done. i'm sure some of the books have changed but i'll go onto the bookstore website and see what all the required books will be. thank you so much and congratulations on your graduation!
  8. by   val_kaye
    No prob. I can check the school bookstore and see what is required for the next program and see if they match. I also have scrubs with patches and two lab coats, all mediums I think if you or anyone else need them.
  9. by   val_kaye
    Congrats to everyone who will be starting in June! Time will fly and you will be happy you did it!
  10. by   bwatts910
    Awesome! Thank you so much! Also, that is exactly the size I need...I think. I've never tried on scrubs so I don't know if they run big or small.
  11. by   val_kaye
    Well, I just finished my last clinical assignment, so I am done with the scrubs! School ends next Wednesday, and I will be done with my books. I survived BADNAP!
  12. by   bwatts910
    Congrats val_kaye! Just send me an email when you get a chance and we can figure out a time to meet up. bwatts910@gmail.com