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Nursing Student looking for work!!

  1. 0 This question has probably been asked numerous times but I will ask just ONE more time ... I am a nursing student and in desparate need of a job. I have been trying to find a job as a nursing assistant or some other kind of nursing support, but not one thing!!! So do I need to go ahead and get certified? Any kind of advice would be great, Thank you!
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    I will be moving to tulsa this fall. I got accepted at ORU nursing. I am a CNA as well. I think you should try nursing homes and hospitals.
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    I am a nursing student who is also working in a hospital as a nursing assistant. I am not certified, but I just finished my first semester of nursing school. I filled out apps in the four hospitals I would want to work at when I graduate. The only one who called me back was my #1 pick - I honestly think I got my job by random luck!

    I would not suggest working in a nursing home during school if your ultimate goal is to work in a hospital. This is advice one of my professor's gave me.

    I don't know what to tell you other than apply everywhere you would want to work. I am very happy to have the job, and to be learning from these people. They are true professionals. I think the experience is invaluable for someone on the path to becoming an RN. Good luck!