Nursing Shortage Stupidity

  1. Am I the only one who thinks not hiring LPN's in a hospital setting is ridiculous during this suppossed "nursing shortage"? I am a recent LPN graduate (I have yet to take my exam, just waiting for a stupid letter in the mail...) and I have experience in a doctor's office doing all sorts of nursing skills as an RMA for 1.5 years. I called St. John's and they refuse to hire somebody unless you are actually IN a RN program. Which I understand. I am working toward my BSN, but first I must get the 67 hours of prereq's for the OU LPN-BSN program at TCC. So I told the HR lady this at St.Johns. But noooo, I have to be in the actual nursing program at OU. Stupid. I have experience! I am dedicated! I am a good employee! And the doctor I work for is WELL KNOWN at St.John's. Plus, I am 19 years old. Okay? Nineteen. Who is a nurse at 19 years of age? Very few. Doesn't this show great drive and dedication? I mean think about it, after I become an RN, I would have 3 YEARS experience as a nurse at St. John's if they would just hire me right now! I just think this is ridiculous during this great time of need!
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  3. by   scubadude
    Ok that is one hospital. Have you tried others?