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I am in my first year of pre reqs. If i continue to do what i am doing i should be done with my pre reqs by next summer which means i should be able to apply for their spring admission. I am working really hard at it and hope to... Read More

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    @ LovelyOverload..... I did talk to the director but it all went south very quickly when she told me the "new" point system was in place and I WILL follow the the new point system. I guess that's just the way they do things. I have talked to other schools and Universities, they were shocked that Rose State wouldn't grandfather me in since I have been going there consistantly without interruption. The University I plan on going to told me that if and when there's ever a change made to the program, the current students will always be grandfathered in.

    @ AmberNicOLe.... I couldn't agree more!! It would have been professional of them to notify the students at LEAST a semester ahead of time to make a decision to either stay with this institution or find another that fits our needs accordingly. I can certainly understand if they want to make some changes to the program, and even applaude their decision to make it better for future students, but I CANNOT agree with the tactics they used against the current students who have followed the degree plan for the last 2-3 years to get where we need to be.

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    I was thinking about going to RSC before I go to OU and I noticed that those requirements i.e. chem, med term, separate anatomy are for points. It states:

    "PLEASE NOTE THAT PROGRAM COURSE REQUIREMENTS HAVE NOT CHANGED! The courses added to the list for course completion points, e.g. Chemistry, separate Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology, are NOT currently required for completion of program requirements and graduation but will add to points earned for admission if completed with a grade of “C” or better at time of application."

    You don't have to retake the course however you will benefits points wise to have them. If you are still interested in going to RSC then you can still apply. It seems like these classes will be a required (wether it be for points or academia) at every college.

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