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Hi all , I am considering a move to Tulsa this summer for school. I am wondering what lpn salaries are like out there. I am hoping to work weekend doubles at ltc or do crisis care for hospice . Do... Read More

  1. by   Blue_River
    hey azb91 , thats great! i am in the process of transfering as well. i am also in the sophomore level. i have no idea about tulsa. it will be a big change for me. i will be relocating from houston. i will be needing your help and advice.
  2. by   Captain Shagworth
    Greetings All,
    Im considering starting ORU for nursing for fall 2010, and I was curious what the employment demand for EMT-Basics are, or possibly ER techs, since I just finished an EMT Basic class. Good info on the local area, many thanks!
  3. by   chicaner
    I live in Broken Arrow, but lived near downtown Tulsa 5 years ago. The crime was horrible in that area. Businesses were constantly closing, the police helicopter would fly over our neighborhood several times a night, and once we had our back door kicked in. From what I know of living in Tulsa, you would want to stay away from the North, meaning North of 61st Street South, East tulsa has changed too, it is more ethnic than it was 20 years ago, the housing prices have fallen in the area, West tulsa has it's own set of good and bad areas, Broken Arrow is very expensive, we are getting ready to move to near Coweta or Sapulpa to buy a house with land. The rent for a 3/2/2 home in Broken Arrow that is decent will run anywhere between 850-1100 a month. If you already have experience as an LPN, I would highly consider going with an agency, there are several. Nursefinders (locations all over so check in your area and see if they will hire you on and then you can transfer), Interim health care (again a national company), First Call, Continuous Care, Total Medical Personnel Service. Those are a few. From what I know of pay in Tulsa for LPN's and CNA's is that you will make between 13-16 an hour as an LPN on staff, and 8-10 as a CNA on staff. Agency pays 11-18 for CNA's, and they start out at 20 for LPN's. I hope that helps.

    I was a CNA for 8 years, worked for little more than minimum wage on staff at a nursing home, went to an agency and made 10+ an hour, and I got to pick when and where I worked. You get to learn what places to go and which ones to stay away from. I am getting ready to go back through CNA classes, cause like a dum-dum I let it expire a few years ago, and then I will start LPN school either in January 2011, or later. LOL

    Let me know if you need any other information.


  4. by   Blue_River
    captain shagworth, i will be starting my senior yr at oru this fall. did you register yet?
  5. by   Captain Shagworth
    Hi Blue River! I have not registered yet, I'm still waiting for my transcripts to be evaluated at ORU (I sent 7, they only evaluated 1), and I'm also waiting to hear from Oklahoma City University...if they say yes, I'd go with them since it would only be 2 years compared to 3 at ORU.

    Are you a senior at ORU as your name suggests? And how do you like it?
  6. by   Blue_River
    I have completed my registration for fall but still confused about the program. I have already wasted my 1 year at Houston Baptist University for same kind of run around. After evaluation now the nursing is telling me I need to take few more extra general classes to fulfill their requirements. Some of the courses I had to petition for credits which were supposed to get credited automatically. Anyway, now I found out after taking 13 hours including some nursing pre-requisite courses you have to go through TEAS which you have to pass at once. If not you will be knocked out from Nursing Program after 1st semester. If you pass you can make it to 2nd semester for clinicals. I am also planning to apply at OCU, KSN. Heard about it a lot. Very much frustrating and confused situation. I do not want to break my lease term, move to Oklahoma from Texas for nothing. I am really scared to waste my time anymore.
  7. by   Blue_River
    azb91 and captain..

    I have dropped out from ORU yesterday after I figured out it would not be worth it for me take the chance as they are not letting me take clinicals until I pass ATI. That is a huge financial risk for me. Even though I was accepted straight to take the clinicals last year. They re-evaluated differently this year. If I get a chance to OKCU-KSN I will consider that one instead otherwise I will follow the RN to BSN route. Thought you guys should know...