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Mercy or ST. Anthony's?

  1. 0 I have been offered a position at both mercy and st anns and I don't know what to do. Mercy pays 11.50 and st anns pays 12.16. This is base pay for a new lpn. I guess I have a preconception about what type of atmosphere both have and besides pay would choose mercy over st. anthony's.

    Has anyone worked at both, and could you tell me which one you prefer. I don't want to be wishy washy. The lady at mercy is trying to get the pay closer to st. anthony's and she is going to call me later. I'm really not trying to use one against the other, but I wanted to see what she would say.

    Please help me!! I'm horrible with decisions especially big ones like this.
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    Hmmm...times must be tough at Mercy. I was under the impression that Mercy was not hiring LPN's unless you were attending school for your RN. Is that pay what they are offering you? No way would I work for that salary, especially with their "magnet" status!!!

    Are you talking about St. Anthony's or St Ann's?
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    IA with the above poster. I did not know Mercy was hiring LPNs . I must warn you that St. Anthony is hard work for that crappy LPN pay. But the thing about Saints is that no one cares that you are a LPN until they need a charge nurse or a chemo nurse. You can pm if you like.
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    Mercy, all the way. Saints=scary.