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  1. I was looking into nursing programs and came across ITT tech institute nursing program in Tulsa,OK. I graduated from a CC with associates degree in allied health. I was wondering if anybody was or are going to the Tulsa,ok campus and how is the Program? Once you complete the program and take the NCLEX-RN can you continue to get your bachelors at another college or university? I'm eager about starting nursing school I got rejected from Bacone college in Muskogee my GpA was 3.1 at the time but I made two B's in anatomy and physiology so it brought my GpA down to a 2.8. I have done well in all my science classes all B's or better. If anyone has any info please let m know! Do I have a chance of getting in?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Since ITT is not regionally accredited, you will have a heck of a time finding a BSN completion program that will accept any credits earned from them. If you graduate from ITT Tech, your choices for BSN completion programs are basically limited to other private entities with expensive tuition such as University of Phoenix, Platt College, Grand Canyon University, and so forth. ITT also offers a BSN completion program on certain campuses.
  4. by   StudentTiff
    Thanks for the info. I'm going to Apply to Langston Univ. And some others I just want to have options in case I don't get in....
  5. by   Habibah76
    @Student Tiff Ok I finished with a AAS from a community college. I attend ITT tech program in Richardson, TX now. I spoke to Texas Women University Nursing Department and was told that since I finished all my basic courses at a CC that I can apply to their university RN-BSN 100% on line. Was told they don't look at Nursing Classes bc once you sit for your boards and pass you will be a RN in your state. Check into the university where you are to find out for sure. Good luck so when I take boards for TX and pass will apply to Texas Women University online program.
  6. by   luchy
    Hi habibah! So glad I found you :-) I have an info section to attend tomorrow with Itt, the one in richardson. How's the program like? Pls can u email me at I will so gladly appreciate that.