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    Hi everyone! I'm a first semester student at the ITT Breckenridge school of nursing. Um, is anyone else going here just feel like its a waste of time and money? I am originally from Nevada and the whole reason I went to ITT was to transfer later. I tried to transfer to the campus in Henderson NV but was told they wouldn't accept me. (Later found out there has been no enrollment since june 2012 and it is due to failure to meet State Board requirements) I just feel like this school is not being run as well as it could and that I will end up regretting it later, and with a price tag of 47k I should be wowed i think. Any advice or recent graduates??? Thanks guys!
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    I was actually thinking of checking into this program. I'm an LPN looking for an LPN to RN program. I have a co-worker that says she loves ITT but I've also heard others say "stay away." Is it unorganized or do you just feel like you're not learning anything?
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    I was at ITT in another state and I had wanted to transfer into another program and I was told the classes do not transfer because they are 6 week courses. At ITT they assured me I would be able to get my BSN but they it could only be done through their school...they didn't mention that I do regret going there a big waste of time and money.