In-House traveler @OSU Med Ctr-Tulsa??

  1. I live in northwest Arkansas, but saw an ad for an in-house traveler position at OSU in Tulsa. The ad posted here in my local paper said $45/hr. Does anyone know anything about these positions, or about working in this facility?? The particular job I am interested in is in Mother-baby nursing. Any information anyone can lend would be greatly appreciated.


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  3. by   OkieICU_RN
    This would be the same as taking a travel assigment which they likely have as well. You might actually end up with more money in your pocket by taking a 13 week travel assignment.

    It's no different than a regular travel assigment except you are an actual employee of the hospital and don't get any housing or housing stipend. You will have to go through general new nurse orientation for a week and then you get a day or two of orientation on the floor and then your on your own like a normal travel assigment.

    A word of caution though. OSU is rumored to be closing. They have made a deal with another local hospital to transition their residency program there in June 2009.
  4. by   sample24
    Thanks for the response OkieICU_RN. I'm really only interested in their 13 week in-house travel position. I had heard something about all of the residents going elsewhere, but wasn't sure. Surely they'd still have work though over the next couple of months which is what I'm interested in.

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