Having difficulty getting my OK license

  1. I moved to near Tulsa, OK in July 2009.
    I quit my job in Arkansas after 25 years at the same hospital in June 2009.
    My husband was transferred to Tulsa. I had a baby and decided to stay at home for a bit.
    I have now decided to go back to work flexible.
    I never realized until now how hard it is to get a license in another state.

    I am finding out that since I have waited almost 2 years to apply for the RN OK license that I don't have enough work hours to qualify. You need 540 hours in the past 2 years. I have 425. I was working part time in the PACU when I quit.

    My options are to take a refresher course that lasts for 6 months. The cost is $2600.00. Plus my expenses for going.
    My other option is to take the NCLEX at a cost of $200.00, plus books to study and online study courses.

    I thought about going back to Arkansas and starting from the beginning (working a few days a week)to get my 540 hours since my license is from Arkansas.
    Today the AR State Board of Nursing called me back after I left a message a week ago.
    She informed me that since I had moved to OK that my Arkansas license was no longer valid for me to work in Arkansas.

    So am I screwed or what???
    I am so mad. I wish that I would have known all these things. I would have applied immediately when I moved here.

    I guess my only option is to study for the NCLEX. Seems a little degrading for an experienced PACU nurse to have to retake the board.
    I feel like I am being punished for taking off and having a child late in life after giving 25 years to Nursing.

    Does anyone have any tips they can give me for the NCLEX? What is best to study?
    Sample tests etc??

    Thanks everyone.
    So discouraged.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from JoDeepups
    Does anyone have any tips they can give me for the NCLEX? What is best to study?
    The Hurst Review is, in my humble opinion, wonderful. It is offered as a live 4-day seminar, or online at your own pace. If you are interested in the live seminar, they come to the Tulsa area frequently.

  4. by   LDRNMOMMY
    I second Hurst review! I passed w/ 75 questions. I like the way she breaks down content in a way you can easily understand and apply the knowledge. I heard her in my head during the test.
  5. by   Toradol
    Oklahoma Board of nursing is SLOW And i mean slow!! Also be prepared to not be given any information as to your status they tell you nothing when you apply.

    There has got to be a refresher course that is less time and less money.

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