Has anyone rcvd their acceptance letter for WOSC 2012?

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    I have been a mailbox stalker for a month now. Have anyone rcvd any news about the WOSC nursing program or their acceptance letter?
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    Hey i received my acceptance letter yesterday. Did you receive your letter?
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    No, I still haven't received my letter yet. I am still stalking the mail man and mailbox..LOL
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    Which campus will you be going to school?
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    I found out on Wednesday. I will be at Elk City campus. I am doing the LPN to RN. Have you heard anything yet? If not, I would call them ASAP just incase your letter was lost in the mail.
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    Thanks. I got a call and was told that I got accepted. Somehow my wasn't transferred to my new address. I will be going to the Altus campus.
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    Congratulations on getting accepted I was wondering if you would mind sharing how many points you got accepted with? Trying to see if I even have a chance.
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    Quote from romioust
    Which campus will you be going to school?
    I got accepted to Lawton campus. Congrats to you all. See you all at bootcamp
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    How many points did you get into the WOSC nursing program with? I'm just wondering. Thank you!